Pay Per Click Advertising

Reach millions of targeted new customers right away!

With over 200 million searches per day on Google, and thousands of links for every search, the chances of your website or products being found online are slim...until now.

Our Google Adwords Management service will target your marketing message and lead customers directly to you at the precise moment they're looking for the products and services you're selling.

Have you ever set up a Google Adwords Campaign and not found time to manage it? Yes? Well, you are not alone. With so many companies out there offering Google Adwords Management, how do you know which company to pick? It's not as easy as just setting up an account, running a campaign, getting traffic to your website and spending money on clicks to guarantee effectiveness or success!

Our experienced and knowledgeable Google Adwords Professional will make sure that your campaigns perform effectively on a daily basis. They also make sure that your daily click spend is spent wisely. We write successful ads, expand your ad distribution, select and group specific keywords, increase conversion rates and maximise online sales.

What we do on a monthly basis for you

  • Bid Management for Any Budget
  • Increase conversion rates and determine which traffic-tracking methods are right for you
  • Maximise existing and familiar keywords - and remove negative search phrases
  • Systematically test ad copy and develop a plan for ongoing keyword discovery
  • Adjust your ad campaigns based on the ROI data you collect
  • Reach targeted customers - when they're looking for you
  • Gain new customers and retain customer loyalty through smart ad copy and personalisation
  • Boost traffic, sales and profits using effective pay-per-click strategies
  • Select, bid for and get the keywords you want
  • Create successful ad campaigns and track your results

If you want to try Google Adwords or you are not happy with how your current campaigns are performing, then contact us.

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