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Category Archives: Search Engine Optimisation

What’s the Value of Being the Top Google Search Result?

A website with the first position in Google results receives 33% of the search traffic for a keyword or phrase, compared with 18% for the second position, according to a recent report by Chitika Insights. In addition, being in the … Continue reading

Improve Your Startup’s SEO With These Fundamentals

Starting a business can be pretty intense.  Although many startups depend heavily on the web, search engine optimisation is often an afterthought. As a consequence, website owners may launch their new site and see very little traffic from searches. Showing … Continue reading

Why having a blog on your website is key for SEO

Many companies spend plenty of time and money on perfecting their website copy, optimising every page for those all-important keywords which will help to drive traffic to their site. The only problem is that those keywords can change on a … Continue reading

Improved Search Engine Rankings

It’s been a hectic 2012 so far. Where has the time gone? Some of you may already know by now that Design One For Me moved offices in February, relocating to wonderful Earlsdon in Coventry. We are now in a … Continue reading

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

You may have the best looking, fully functional website out there on the Internet, but how are people finding it. After spending time, effort and money on your website, there is nothing worse than finding out that only a handful of people have seen it.

Continue reading